Finally! A specially designed ERP for E-commerce. Easy to use and powerful, it reduces costs, improves the quality of processes and increases customer satisfaction by a thorough study of the delivery, billing and inventory processes which are specific for E-tailers.


E-Growth Delivery

• Work with all carriers on the same screen

Automate the printing of your shipping labels

• Make the preparation in warehouse easier

• Stay in contact with your clients during shipment

• Make your customer service faster and more efficient


• More than a perpetual inventory, you get a whole overview of your real and virtual stock

• With the help of statistical analyses, you minimize inventory without shortage - but above all, you spot your best sellers and maximize your online presales

• A single interface for the whole team: errors are eliminated, costs are reduced and process quality is improved

E-Growth Inventory

Invoicing & Accounting

E-Growth Invoicing

Reduce the time of accounting preparation

• Easily control your cash flow

• Manage your sales - online, B2B and at the store - with a single tool

Optimize the application of VAT at European level

Pack All in One

E-Growth loves Magento

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But also

• Enjoy a solution you can use anywhere, by any device

Adapt the solution to your business down to the smallest details

• Have direct contact with our developers and analysts

• Be assured that your confidential data is in secure hands

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